Why DonateMate?

Take the thinking out of giving. With DonateMate on your site, or at hand at an event, busy people can add a small monthly donation to their phone bill, in less than 30 seconds.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should be using DonateMate:

  1. It’s the future of fundraising
  2. Reach a new generation of givers
  3. Big on trust, low on effort
  4. Raise more money at events
  5. Tried and tested technology
  6. Funding slashed? Donations flatlining? No time and too much to do?
  7. Piggy back on our tech and team
  8. Your partners can use it
  9. Get a new revenue stream today
  10.  Easy for you to install

Welcome to the future of fundraising

  • Digital has disrupted everything. How we watch TV. How we listen to music. How we pay for things. And now… how we give to charity.
  • In a society that is increasingly moving away from cash payments, fewer and fewer people carry coins. But everyone carries a phone.
  • Mobile fundraising is the natural next move for charities that need to innovate in order to stay afloat.
  • DonateMate is a crucial missing piece of your fundraising mix. We’re the first to do this and we’re already getting great results in the US.

Reach a new generation of givers

  • Access a revolutionary new mobile fundraising platform and reach those donors who might otherwise pass you by.
  • Every millennial has a love affair with their phone. If you want to reach and inspire a new generation of givers; mobile is the way. And it’s not just millennials.
  • Almost everyone manages their lives on their phones, so it makes total sense to donate with them too. All donations are easily managed via SMS messages. Opting out is easy.

Big on trust, low on effort

  • We all know trust in charities has declined, that people are tired of traditional fundraising methods. They want more privacy and more control.
  • Because nobody has to share bank or credit card details, DonateMate is a frictionless way for donors to give and provides your charity with a steadily growing, regular revenue stream.
  • They’re in control of how much to give, and can opt-out at any time.

Raise even more money at events

  • As people carry fewer coins and notes, they’re less likely to make impulse donations at events. With DonateMate it’s no longer a problem. Users can set up a monthly donation in less than 30 seconds with our easy to use form.
  • DonateMate is the perfect tool to inspire spontaneous giving on the go.

Tried and tested technology

  • We’re already leading the way, having launched apps and mobile donations successfully in the USA, where charities are already benefiting from this free, ongoing revenue stream. It’s 100% secure and straightforward to install.
  • DonateMate is revolutionizing the giving industry. Don’t be left behind – give it a go today. It’s totally FREE and so easy to install.

Funding slashed? Donations flatlining? No time and too much to do?

  • We know that fundraising for charity is no mean feat. Especially when funding disappears and donations don’t fill the gaps. You’re probably doing the job of two people. And some.

Piggy back on our tech … and team

  • We know how busy you are, so this is an out of the box fundraising solution:
  • To get the DonateMate button up on your site literally takes 10 minutes. And it’s free.
  • Our team will support you all the way; from onboarding to fundraising support.
  • We’re all experienced digital marketers, who are passionate about making a difference and already delivering great results for charities in the U.S.

Pass it on to partners too

  • DonateMate isn’t just for charities. Partner organizations can add the easy-to-use form to their website too; making it possible to reach more donors and raise more money, more easily.

Get a new revenue stream online today!

  • There is no charge to register and we provide free ongoing marketing and technical support. Get DonateMate now.

This is how easy it is for you to install:

  • Click “Get DonateMate” and add your details
  • Our friendly team will get in touch to help you get set up
  • You add simple line of code to your site
  • Hey presto – you can now take mobile donations 🙂

Let’s make it easy to give more

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