Integration Guide

This integration guide will help you set up the DonateMate API on your website, or SDK on your app (coming soon). If you require technical support please contact

Website: API Integration

  1. Add the following code to any pages that will launch the DonateMate form. A unique DonateMate ‘KEY’ will be supplied to include with this code.
    <script src='' data-donatemate-key='--YOUR KEY HERE--'>
    <meta name='viewport' content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1'>
  2. Then add a data-donatemate attribute to any links or buttons that should launch the DonateMate form.
    <button data-donatemate>Donate Now!</button>
    <a href data-donatemate>Donate Now!</a>
  3. When a click event is triggered for an element that has a data-donatemate attribute, the DonateMate form will be displayed.

*DonateMate is the name for this web API.


App: SDK Integration

Instructions coming soon.

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