DonateMate FAQ

What is DonateMate®?

DonateMate is a pioneering fundraising tool that supports charitable organisations that give back to those that need it most.

We use technology allowing users to donate small amounts through their monthly mobile phone bill, saving them from providing bank or credit card details. Subscribers can give as little as £0.50 a month, which is just £.025 each week

We want to unite a national community of donors and enables every citizen of the world to positively impact the lives of people in need and their families in just a few clicks.

DonateMate was established to offer everyone a simple, effective, and affordable way to make a difference through trusted charities.

Who runs DonateMate®?

Activistic is the company responsible for building DonateMate® and other smartphone apps designed to make it easier for people to support charities and causes they care about. Our mission is to change the world for the better. We know that when people band together, they can achieve incredible things. All that’s required is the vehicle for change, and that’s where we come in.

Activistic operates around the world with offices in New York, London, Melbourne and Perth, Australia. To learn more about what we do, please visit our website at

What is your relationship with the major wireless carriers in the UK?

DonateMate has a primary relationship with TextNation UK which allows us to work closely with the major telcos in the U.K. DonateMate is currently compatible with the following networks: Vodaphone, O2, Virgin, Three, and EE . Any person with a mobile phone service provided by one of these companies can register with DonateMate and begin donating.

I’m a non-profit. How do I get started with DonateMate®?

It only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with us at
  2. We set you up with your own unique donation form
  3. We give you a simple piece of code that either we or you can implement (seriously takes 10 mins)
  4. We work with you to promote this method of giving

A donor’s donation will then appear monthly, beginning on their next bill.

How do I opt out/cancel my donation?

You can opt out any time easily. Simply reply STOP to the monthly text message you receive. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us on

Can I make a one-off donation?

You sure can. After your first donation has been added to your mobile phone bill you can cancel your donation thereafter. We send you a reminder text every month before we add the amount to your bill, to ensure there are no unexpected charges and you can opt out easily.

Is this available to pre-paid and post-paid customers?

We work with both pre and post-paid on all UK networks (Vodafone, Virgin, EE O2, and Three)

How does donating a small amount a month make a difference?

DonateMate® unleashes the power of micro donations. By efficiently combining small contributions from thousands of donors, DonateMate® helps our charity partners achieve real and lasting outcomes.

DonateMate® provides virtually anyone with a smartphone the ability to positively impact the lives of those who need it most.

How can charities sign up to DonateMate®? Is it a free service to them?

DonateMate is dedicated to being part of a long-term solution for charities, and we are committed to minimising fundraising costs. That’s why there are no joining fees; unlike other platforms, charities throughout the United States and United Kingdom partner with DonateMate for free.

100% of donations made through DonateMate are passed on to our charity partners. At a later time, charities will be charged a small percentage (8%) of each donation to cover the costs of providing DonateMate, including costs associated with the aggregator and the telcos. This charge is significantly lower than those associated with traditional forms of fundraising, and we are committed to keeping it as low as possible.

If you work with a charity and would like to learn more about the ways in which DonateMate® can assist your fundraising efforts, please contact us today.

How much of my donation goes to DonateMate® and how much actually goes to charity?

To cover the costs for providing a sustainable service, we currently ask partner charities to provide DonateMate® a small transaction fee on every donation made on the platform. The fee is currently 8% of the donation amount they receive, excluding Gift Aid in the UK.

For example, if a subscriber makes a monthly donations of £1.50, the charity will receive £1.50 and will pay us back, £0.12 of which £ 0.07 goes to TxtNation to pay them and the telcos for the service.

We are committed to keeping service costs to a minimum without sacrificing our subscriber services. We operate with low overheads and negotiate costs, and we believe these will be reduced over time.

What is Gift Aid?

Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It won’t cost you any extra.

You must be a UK tax payer in order to be eligible for Gift Aid.  To find out more about Gift Aid, visit here.

When will my donation reach my chosen veterans charity?

DonateMate works on a monthly payment cycle. However, due to the fact there are many carriers and other parties involved, final amounts are only confirmed and remitted to the selected charity after 60-90 days.

Donations and payment example:

If subscribers donate £300 in total to a charity during January, £400 in total during February, and £500 in total during March:

  • The total donations during the quarter from January to March was over £1,000.
  • The charity will receive the total of £1,200 by the end of May.

If subscribers donate £300 in total to RCLF during January, £200 in total during February, and £200 in total during March:

  • The total donations during the quarter from January to March was under £1,000.
  • TxtNation will hold the total amount of £700 donated during the quarter from January to March and this amount will be carried forward to the next quarter until RCLF has a balance of over £1,000.

How is this different from Txt Giving?

The DonateMate® mobile platform is based on small, recurring monthly donations that do not put excessive pressure on an individual’s or family’s budget. The maximum monthly donation is $10; the minimum is $5. We do not seek substantial one-off donations.

DonateMate® is cultivating a global community of givers. The more subscribers to a cause, the greater the impact we can have on an issue or challenge.

Further, the DonateMate® platform provides transparency in the way funds are spent – currently one of the key concerns of donors in general. Through our news items and push notifications we also enable donors to see how their donation is making a difference. And we make it easy for you to transfer your donation to a different cause in just a few simple steps.

How is DonateMate different from just setting up a monthly donation? Why should I go through you instead of directly to the charity?

Setting up a recurring donation often requires time and paperwork, as well as bank account or credit card details. If any of these details change you need to go through the process again. Additionally, unless the charity is well known it is hard to see where your money is going and how your donation is making a difference.

We also charge less fees than text based giving, as well as collecting Gift Aid in the UK on the charities behalf.

Where are you based?

The head office is located in London, UK. Activistic also has offices in New York, Melbourne and Perth Australia.

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