Join the mobile donation revolution.

Fundraising is getting tougher, so we’re making it easier. Now people can give to your charity in just 30 seconds via their mobile phone bill.

One button = way more donations.

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Easy and FREE to install on your website

You can get the DonateMate button on your site, for free, in 30 minutes with a simple line of code.

In seconds, Donatemates adds a donation onto the donors monthly phone bill

No contract, no need to share details and easy opt-out gives peace of mind

Small donations as little as $5 or $10 add up to make a big difference

How it works:

In a society where no-one puts down their phone, we’ve made it easy for charities to reach more busy millennials and raise a lot more money via the power of monthly micro donations and mobile giving.

Add the DonateMate button to your site so supporters can give in seconds:

  1. Givers type in their number
  2. We confirm via SMS
  3. They donate via their bill, with an opt-out reminder each month

It’s 100% secure, FREE and straightforward to install.

Take the thinking out of giving

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Reach more people and raise more critical funds by opening up another easy, effortless channel for spontaneous giving.

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Partners & Businesses

Even your partners can use DonateMate. So you can reach more people, more easily.

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This is an effortless, low-cost way to give to causes you care about - without the usual hassle.

Why join the mobile giving revolution?

Fundraising is getting tougher

Government cut backs have increased, whilst donations have stagnated. Donors (and the media) are more intolerant of traditional fundraising methods than ever. The times are ripe for innovations in charitable giving.

We’re living in a digital world

Over 30% of donations are now digital. Just 55% of all payments are made in cash. Mobile payments are on the rise. We manage every aspect of life with our phones, so giving via mobile phone bill is a natural next-step for your community.

Micro-donations open up giving to everyone

DonateMate has been founded on the principle of spontaneous, micro-donations. By lowering the amounts you ask for and removing all the barriers to giving, we believe you’ll raise a lot more money.

Get DonateMate
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Who are We?

DonateMate is run by profit-for-good organisation Activistic.

We are a team of socially aware philanthropists who have dedicated our lives to:

  1. 1

    Revolutionising charity giving with mobile

  2. 2

    Inspiring millennials to give more

  3. 3

    Keeping costs low so charities receive the most money possible

  4. 4

    Using small regular donations to make a big difference to those who need it most

Let’s stop donations leaking through your fingers

The majority of people who were about to donate via your site – didn’t. You may never know why… but you do know that giving people the option to give less, is always better losing them entirely. By making it easier for busy millennials to give, we’ll help you grab those donations that might otherwise slip through your fingers.

Can we help answer your questions?

Reach out to us at:

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Let’s make it easy to give more

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